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My art explores belonging and community through creativity. It evokes memories and tells a story while allowing space to create your own meaning. A career in Visual Arts was a natural step from Early Childhood Education giving my art a broad range and childlike aspect. I describe it as how I sing, dance and pray.

Inspired by an impressionist style I incorporate texture through collage to build images with meticulous layers of colour. I am drawn to the colours and movement of water, the form of flowers, and negative spaces that provide visual pause. Salvaging, recycling, reusing and upcycling influence all avenues of my creative practice.

  • About

    My artwork is vibrant and heavily textured. I build layers using a mixture of paint, collage and resin. My works on board, multipanel or canvas include resin. I describe myself as a ‘constructor of art’ experimenting with a variety of resins, tints and techniques to push the properties of the resin and create more texture and depth in my pieces. I am currently on a journey to find Australian made responsible (eco) resin.
    My tiny art range includes handmade jewelry, coasters and miniatures, which make truly unique local art gifts. I create the pieces with sea glass, polymer clay and gems embellished with anything that suits the character of the piece including seeds and dried flowers.
    I like to recycle furniture incorporating resin to bring life back to damaged, broken and ugly items.

  • Biography

    I have recently completed a new body of work after many stops and starts and dead ends in 2020. In a world seemingly gone mad, slowing down and reflecting helped me to focus on why I became a full time artist. I have things to say, opinions and thoughts about life and the world we inhabit. Art helps me to express this and also to understand myself better. If you have read any of my artists statements over time or met me in my previous life in Early Childhood Education you will know that I am passionate about 'belonging'.

    The new works are small 30 x 30 's created in up to 5 layers of resin, collage, acrylic, aerosol, crushed glass and plastic waste. They explore a sense of belonging which leads to social responsibility! The work is significant to me , a comment on the environment! Why we all need to think about the things we have the power to change every day in simple ways. I’m not a climate change activist, a greenie, I don't wear a label! I just believe we are in this together, what connects us is our responsibility for the individual choices we make every day. We only get one life, one planet earth, one now! If we belong we will care.

  • Awards & Career highlights

    2019 - Opening of Gennifer Anderson Art. A Renew Wollongong Initiative Crown St Mall Wollongong. Guest Artist Jayne Wilson Memorial Art Prize and Exhibition. Community project 'To Everything there is a Season' .

    2019 - Group show at Wollongong Art Gallery with Shellharbour City Art Society September 2019

    2016 - Group exhibitions & Solo Exhibtion at Minnamurra Cafe. KidsFest events including 'Picasso Calves','Mushroom Garden', 'Paper Lanterns', 'The Festival Hub ‘Creative Sparks’, 'Artstrail#Killalea'

    2016 - Artwork Commissioning Shellharbour Hospital Ambulatory Care Centre. 1st & 2nd Prize's at Albion Park Show & group exhibitions at Kiama Fire Station, Shellharbour Exhibition space, Project Contemporary Artspace and the Old Courthouse Wollongong

    2017 - Winner of the Jayne Wilson Memorial Art Prize. Street Panel Project and Lightbox at Wollongong Arts Precinct.

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