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I've studied Indian Classical Vocal Music and Tanpura for the past decade. I recently showed my work in two art exhibitions in Northern Thailand featuring my drawings and photography. Murals and Public Art interest me a lot. I also write poetry. (September, 2021)

  • About

    Vocal Music Inspirations: Indian Raaga music and Devotional Music. Jazz and Folk influences are Billie Holiday and Joni Mitchell.

    Drawing and Ink Inspirations: Ethiopian Iconography, Madhubani Indian Art, Jamuni Roy, Nilofer Suleman and old 70's poster art and zines.

    Photography Style and Subjects: Recent photographic series; Monochrome, Collecting Light, Fragments of Sky, Magical Realism.

    Public Art: I have been involved in various live performances (poetry or music). I have dabbled in mural making (and loved it), I have also collaborated with other artists to present Open Mic evenings, fundraising events and Poetry Nights.

  • Biography

    I have spent nearly half of my life living outside of Australia, including spending my formative childhood years in India. My love of India is sprinkled through everything I do. I have lived a bohemian life and was raised in communities of artists and musicians. Art is my whole life.

    I studied Education at University, but have spent the past 15 years developing Artistic Community Spaces in North India and Northern Thailand. I have designed physical spaces which help people to be mindful and meditate (a spiral path, a labyrinth, sensory gardens, courtyards with murals). I have also coordinated various Artist in Residence opportunities in the Community Spaces I have run.

  • Awards & Career highlights

    2019 - Art Exhibition for Drawing and Photography in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    2019 - Art Exhibition for Drawing and Photography in Pai, Thailand.

    2018 - Performance with my band 'Marigold Mala' at the Mind, Body Spirit Festival, Chiang Mai.

    2021 - Accompanied poet Priyanka Bromhead at the MCA with Indian Raagas

    2021 - Featured performer Jazz with Chinua Ford at 'Words Will Win' Thapae East Bar, Chiang Mai.

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