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Olga Baldock

Visual Arts , Photography

Olga Baldock

Visual Arts , Photography

Location Kiama

Artist Type Emerging


I'm a photographer who pushes the boundaries beyond documenting to create images that are creative, impressionistic, abstract and interpretative. I use my camera and final edit to draw you into my unique world of interpretation.

  • About

    Perhaps I am a rule breaker at heart ... I like to push boundaries in search of my creative spirit, than be dictated by photographic conventions and rules that deem whether an image is successful or even considered photography.

    To me originality is a huge thing. Originality comes from taking risks as I no longer want to record what is in front of me - my passion lies in interpretation.

    My camera is my canvas where I use a combination of settings, together with varying shutter speeds and lens to create my images. These images are one off and can never be repeated. Photoshop becomes my brush, where I enhance my vision, wanting the viewer to find their own stories.

  • Biography

    My career was in Education studying at a number of universities. For the most part of it I was involved with children with Learning Difficulties, holding executive positions in Primary schools.

    My interest in photography stared over10 years ago and I am self taught. Landscape, seascape and portrait subjects were my passion and focus for photography, winning quite a number of awards. But in the last few years, I started to wrestle with the concept of photography as a"Look, See, Here it is" genre.

    I still use landscape, seascape, portraits, and things around me as a base to find my creative endeavours. My images now are perceptual, interpretative, abstract and impressionistic.

  • Awards & Career highlights

    2013 - 2013 Photograph of the year Better Photography Gold award 2nd place.

    2022 - 2013 Photographer of the Year Focus awards, gold and silver awards

    2022 - 2014 International Landscape Photographer of the year Best 101 images

    2022 - 2014 Loupe Awards 7th place

    2022 - 2021 featured article in Frames

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