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Savanna Storm

Visual Arts , Jewellery

Savanna Storm

Visual Arts , Jewellery

Location Wingecarribee Southern Highlands

Artist Type Professional


I make wearable treasures, jewellery from ancient artefacts from Roman times to the 19th century.

  • About

    A piece of silver, or polished stone, or battered coral, has a story. Every piece of ethnic jewellery tells of of the history, geography, cultures, individual journeys and status of the present and past wearer.

    When I gather my pieces, I listen to the stories told to me by the seller; some may be true, some may be fabricated, they add to the intrigue. Collecting saves these tales.

    When I am assembling a piece, I let the beads and pieces talk to me, they tell me where they want to be situated. I never know what the outcome will be. Some pieces take days, some jump together quickly. New owners are custodians, they continue the storytelling, they preserve the history.

  • Biography

    In a past life I was an international photo-journalist which gave me access to tribal women and their jewellery.

    I began collecting rare museum quality pieces and about 18 years ago decided to switch from photojournalism to trading these artefacts and reinventing, redesigning, and re-configuring them into wearable treasures jewellery.

    I don't do silverwork, but I can repair most jewellery if they involve threading and stringing. I've had galleries in Sydney, and now work from my home studio on the Jamberoo escarpment. I have many international clients.

    I exhibit annually at the Southern Highlands Arts Trail and at the Bowral and District Art Gallery.

  • Studio Address

    Old Jamberoo Road
    Robertson NSW 2577

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