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Writer, Director, Video Prod; a group of working artists based in Kiama, Australia. Having worked on a broad range of commercial and passion projects together, they’ve emerged from these experiences with a distinct creative voice.

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    We work with a broad range of clients in the advertising, broadcast, film and entertainment industries to create commercials, content, promotions, motion graphics and more. We put our heart into any project, no matter how big or small and we love what we do. We pride ourselves on the ability to think critically and take briefs to the next level, for strong design aesthetics and the twists of humour and quirk which flavour our work.

    From concept to delivery, we write, direct, shoot, edit, motion design and everything in between. Our award winning work has screened on all major platforms around the world.

  • Biography

    We boast a creative partnership which spans over 15 years. Starts out in theatre and design, wells up through music television and leaps into production!

    For us, our art always starts with a strong creative and script. In the early stages of our careers we'd rush home from our day jobs to tinker away developing our script writing craft. The result is a strong feel for dialogue that sounds natural and a deep knowledge of the best practices for turning a starting idea into a great story.

    When we make something, we swing for the fences.

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