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Zeynep Testoni

Visual Arts , Ceramics

Zeynep Testoni

Visual Arts , Ceramics

Location Kiama

Artist Type Professional


Zeynep creates functional and decorative ceramic art inspired by the ocean and natural surrounds of her home in the village of Gerroa, NSW Australia. Her fun and engaging pottery classes are very popular with locals and visitors.

  • About

    Ceramic art from the heart!

    Just as the ocean can be crystal clear and calm one day and grey and tumultuous the next, Zeynep's ceramic practice is also a little unpredictable as she prefers to approach her making with a 'go with the flow' attitude and a philosophy of the 'pot decides what it wants to be.' She believes that each piece will eventually 'find a home', even if sometimes that ‘home’ is back in the recycled clay bucket. Zeynep prefers to make in small batches with each vessel taking on a character of its own. The eclectic and diverse nature of her work means that every piece is truly unique.

  • Biography

    Zeynep has worked as an educator for almost 30 years in a variety of roles including classroom teacher, head teacher, Deputy Principal, consultant and project officer. After completing an evening short course in wheelthrowing as a way to de-stress and find a hobby, she discovered a life beyond the traditional classroom. As her passion for ceramics grew she came to a decision that this was how she wanted to spend her days, creating with clay and connecting with other creatives. She completed a Diploma in Ceramics in 2016, moved to Gerroa from Sydney with her husband in July 2017 and opened her home studio to students on 1st August 2017.

  • Awards & Career highlights

    2018 - Headlands Exhibition with Stacy Burgess - Old Kiama Fire Station

    2018 - 'Mugged' exhibition May Space Gallery Waterloo

    2017 - The Downing Centre Exhibition

    2017 - The Muse Gallery Ultimo

    2017 - Innercity Clayworker's Gallery Graduate Exhibition

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