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Welcome to Weave, an online directory just for artists, and the spaces and events that enable the public to engage with the arts. You may be an artist such as a painter, a singer, a sculptor or a dancer, an author, a poet, a designer, a juggler or a comedian; or you might be a gallery owner, manager of an venue hosting arts events, organiser of an annual arts festival, or curator of an arts education program.

Weave is designed to promote, connect and communicate between artists, space and event curators and managers, audiences and investors:

  • Showcase your work to your audience, funding body and investors
  • Enable your audience and prospective clients to contact you directly
  • Direct interested people to your website or social media platforms
  • Feel connected with other artists, space and arts event managers in your community and beyond

Weave is a space for our creative community to come together, to connect, collaborate, promote and support, entwining all threads of creative activity in one easy-to-navigate collection.


To be eligible to be listed on Weave you can be an individual artist, space owner or event organiser, or an arts group, organisation or business. For profit businesses with a primary function of support services to artists such as framers, recording studios, private galleries etc are not eligible.


  • Individual artists must reside in the Kiama, Shellharbour, Wingecarribee – Southern Highlands or Wollongong local government areas.
  • Organisations, business and groups must have clear evidence of ongoing service/project delivery within one or both of the Kiama, Shellharbour or Wingecarribee – Southern Highlands local government areas.

Defining arts businesses, organisations or groups:

  • Primary function is arts practice e.g. any artist operating as a sole trader, any artist or group of artists operating as a company, an association, cooperative or other legal business entity.
  • Has some members who are artists as defined below.

Defining an artist:

  • Professional, semi-professional or emerging artist.
  • Artwork demonstrates original creative artistic expression.
  • Artwork reproductions are based on own original work.

Defining spaces and events:

  • Owners, managers or staff of galleries and exhibition spaces, theatres, music venues and workshop spaces which enable the public to engage in curated programs of original visual, performing or literary arts.
  • Ongoing annual event or festival organisers that enable the public to engage in curated programs of original visual, performing or literary arts. Note: not for one off or non annual events.

Weave administrators check all requests for suitability before they are displayed on the site. All decisions regarding inclusion on Weave rest with the site administrators.

Whilst we may acknowledge activities and involvement from surrounding suburbs where relevant, we reserve the right to refuse content outside the boundary of the local government areas specified above.


Complete the online form on this page in order to submit your details to Weave. When the website launches you will have a dedicated page in the directory. At that time, you will be sent login details so you can update any text, images, videos or tracks whenever you wish.

A few important notes:

  • Required fields are marked with an asterisk *
  • You can save this form and return to it later. There is a ‘Save for Later’ button at the bottom of the form. When you save, you will be emailed a username and password to resume your form another time.
  • To make it easier for you to complete the form, you might like to gather all your information into a Word document beforehand, so you can easily copy/paste the information into the form in one go.
  • Download Word template
  • Image files should be no larger than 1MB in size. You can use Pixlr Express to resize images for free. If you’re not sure how to resize images, you can watch a video tutorial on resizing images.



Resume saved form SAVE FOR LATER

YOUR name*

This is the name that you use as an artist e.g. Margaret Preston

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Choose a password to use if you decide to save this form and resume completion later. Passwords should be at least 6 characters long.

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YOUR categories*

Tick which categories and subcategories are relevant to you as an artist. You can tick as many categories as you like. Leave empty categories that are not relevant to you.

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YOUR location*

Tick in which location you live.

Artist Type*

Please choose which applies to you.

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

Phone Number

If you would like potential customers or people interested in your work to be able to contact you by phone, please include your mobile or landline number here.

e.g. 0400 or 02
e.g. 123 or 4232
e.g. 456 or 8888

Email address*

Please include your email address so Directory administrators can contact you. You may also receive messages from people interested in purchasing or commissioning works from you.


Your mailing address will not be listed on your profile; it will only be used by Directory administrators to send you any information or marketing materials to help you publicise your work and profile.


If you have a website, please include the address below.

Social Media

If you have social media pages that you would like to share, please include the addresses below:


Please write a short statement that summarises your work (max 230 characters)

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Please upload an image that represents your work. It must be 500 pixels wide x 500 pixels high.

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About your work

Describe your style, subjects and inspirations (max 680 characters, which is approximately 100 words)

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About you

Provide information about yourself, your background, education and career. (max 680 characters, which is approximately 100 words)

Characters left :

Awards & Career Highlights

Please list up to five awards or career highlights:

studio location

If you have a studio that people can visit, please include the address below. On the Directory people will be told to contact you beforehand to arrange their visit.

featured works

You can display up to 10 of your works in this section. These can be images of your art, YouTube videos or Soundcloud tracks. Images can be landscape, portrait or square orientation. The longest edge of the image should be approximately 1000 pixels. Image files should be no larger than 1MB in size. You can use Pixlr Express to resize images for free. If you're not sure how to resize images, you can watch a video tutorial on resizing images.

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